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Intutive Surgical stil a winner. Do you really understand what it does?

It looks like some investors don’t understand the usage patterns on the daVinci robot.  While prostatectomy is weaker as more patients are in watchful waiting instead of surgical removal the other surgical categories are exploding.  General surgery, gynecological, colorectal resections, cardiac procedures just to name a few.

All these new areas are growing fast and will more than offset the slow decline in prostatectomy.  DaVinci is the present and the future.  One of my doctors uses it for colorectal surgeries when possible.  He’s one of the top surgeons in the northeast tri-state area.  The uptake in the medical community for these robots will only increase as more use cases are expanded upon. We have been witnessing exactly this over the last few years.  This is no longer a prostate story and I predict in 10 years prostate will be less than 5% of the procedures for this incredible device.

Sellers are missing out on the long term story.  Bottom line is plain and simple that people need things in their bodies surgically removed or altered.  Minimally invasive surgery is the way to go whenever possible.  I’ve had 6 OPEN surgeries and can tell you it is no picnic trying to recover from these.  The pain is off the charts plus the complications increase dramatically from open surgeries. I’ve had infections and blood loss to name a few.  I’d beg, borrow and steal to get these procedures done by daVinci.  Unfortunately any abdominal surgery can’t be done (yet) on me due to adhesion’s from all the prior operations. However I am more the exception than the rule.

I’m looking out 10 and 20 years with this investment and understand where and how this surgical robot is being used in the wild.  I’d bet 90% plus of the investors/traders have no real clue exactly how this is being used right now other than “it’s a robot that operates on people through a small hole..it’s cool”.  I’d suggest to any investor they go to ISRG’s website.  Read through all the product literature. Read the news and research there.  Talk to doctors who use it.  Listen to the conference calls.  Unless you are doing all this you don’t deserve to be in this company and bask in the great things it is doing.

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