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3D Printing – The next big thing!

December 21, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve done quite a bit of research and it looks like 3D printing will be the next big thing.  Despite it already being big today it is nothing compared to what it will become in 5, 10 and 20 years.  

Back in 1996 I saw the internet before it really went BIG.  I jumped on board this mega trend and made money in stocks and the industry itself.  Not since then have I seen something that gave me the same feeling as the promise that 3D Printing holds.

3D Printing has applications in Aerospace, Architecture, Medicine, Dental, Food, Automotive, Commercial, Consumer Products, Defense, Prototyping, Education and more.  There will be new applications as the technology and materials get better at breakneck pace.

As an investor you can find many companies in the space. Some are already legitimate while others are just hopping on the bandwagon to cash out on the Wall Street mania.  Some trade at multiples that will be hard to grow into for decades.  Buyer beware.

Some of the legitimate real players doing real big dollar business are Stratasys (SSYS), 3D Systems (DDD) and Exone (XONE).  I urge those looking to buy these companies buy in chunks to allow for any multiple contraction opportunity so you can get in cheaper.  However that day may never come so start establishing a long term position and add on weakness.

Some others I just can’t justify the insane valuation. Companies like Voxeljet and Organovo for example.  The market caps to revenue for these are insane and make the  other high flyers look cheap by comparison.

I’ve been gathering information on what seems to be the premier 3D Printing Website Community “” at

If you are going to invest in this area I suggest you read about these companies. There is risk that these disruptors get disrupted.  Patent applications are all over the place and innovation is happening at a breakneck pace.  At I’m able to keep up with the innovation from the actual companies and end users in the trenches of the 3D Printing industry.

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